Mahalo the Balm vs the Rare Indigo

by Rayna van Aalst September 09, 2018

Mahalo the Balm vs the Rare Indigo

How do Mahalo Rare Indigo and Mahalo the Balm compare with each other?

That’s the million-dollar question.

Honestly, there are no two other products from one and the same brand that I am asked to compare as much as I am asked about the differences between these two exotic beauties.

I like to think of Mahalo the Balm and the Rare Indigo as non-identical twins. It’s true that Maryna formulated Mahalo the Balm some 10 years ago and the Rare Indigo was launched only two years ago but nevertheless I stand my ground.

Just like with the non-identical twins, you see that they have something in common, at a first glance you also see that they are different but it’s only when you spend more time with them you find out that they have different personalities too.

What they have in common

Both Mahalo the Balm and the Rare Indigo are great moisturizers, calm inflammation and target hyperpigmentation. They have great anti-ageing properties too.

You can use either of these two balms on the eye area to soften wrinkles and soothe puffiness.

When using for a first time it's best to begin with 1/3 pea size.

The obvious differences

Scent – If I had to use one word for each balm that would be “herbal” for Mahalo the Balm and “floral” for the Rare Indigo. I’m oversimplifying here as both balms have a much more complex, layered aroma.

Both balms have a very noticeable scent. In my experience however the scent of Mahalo the Balm lingers on the skin while the one of the Rare Indigo fades away, relatively quickly.

If you’re not used to scented products, I recommend you try a sample first. I haven’t been able to use Mahalo the Balm for more than 3 days because of the scent while Rare Indigo is one of my all-time favorite skincare products and although its scent is strong, I absolutely love it.

Texture – nothing about Mahalo the Balm and the Rare Indigo is “ordinary” and the textures are no exception.  

Both balms are waterless and melt to the touch and while Mahalo the Balm is somehow closer to a traditional balm, the Rare Indigo feels more like an oil. But lighter, almost like a cream.

Color – I doubt you really need me to explain the differences here.

The not so obvious differences

And this is where Mahalo the Balm and the Rare Indigo show their personalities.

Mahalo the Balm is better suited for drier skin types while the Rare Indigo is for oilier skin types.

Normal and dry skin types can use both balms - Rare Indigo in the morning as its lighter texture makes it great for layering under makeup; and Mahalo the Balm in the evening. You can layer both balms in the evening or layer Vitality Elixir and Mahalo the Balm.

The Rare Indigo alone would not be a sufficient moisturizer for drier skin types. If dryness is a major concern, go for Mahalo the balm (which is also a winter must have).

Oilier skin types on the other hand will benefit greatly with the Rare Indigo. Even in the summer. If you notice that your skin needs a little bit extra in the evening, mostly in the colder months, you can layer the Rare indigo with a few drops of the Vitality Elixir.

When it comes to inflammation and sensitivities both balms have something to offer in this department. As a matter of fact, the entire Mahalo line is formulated around calming inflammation.

But there are different types of inflammation – Mahalo the Balm will save your skin in case of sun burn, while the Rare Indigo is the superhero for acneic skin, eczema, dermatitis.

Finally, the Rare Indigo is vegan while Mahalo the Balm contains beeswax.

Photo by Mahalo Care.

Rayna van Aalst
Rayna van Aalst


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