Taste of Happiness and a giveaway

by Rayna van Aalst June 18, 2017

Taste of Happiness and a giveaway

When Britt from Kitchen of Love contacted me a few weeks ago to interview me for her wholistic lifestyle program called “Taste of Happiness”, I said “YES!” right away.

We’ve also teamed up for an amazing Taste of Happiness & Reina Organics giveaway so read on.

I’ve known Britt for a while now. When I think of her, there’s immediately one thing that comes to my mind – her warm smile. And her kindness. And delicious food. And a lot of fun. Oh yes and playfulness too. Well, that’s more than one thing but how can you describe someone with such a huge heart and passion for life with just one word? Just have a look at her video (it’s less than 3 minutes) on her website and tell me you don’t feel all that.

Britt and her Kitchen of Love have been of great support to me in my journey to outstanding energy and healthy and delicious plant-based food. In May Britt did her 7 Day Energy Challenge with more than 800 people. The Energy of the group was amazing!

Now Britt is launching Taste of Happiness

Does Happiness have flavors? You bet!

What do food and happiness have in common? More than you can imagine.

Taste of Happiness is a 10 day journey which introduces a new perspective on food and happiness. It’s fun, easy and challenges you to open yourself to new experiences. Britt has picked ten flavors of happiness – Gratitude, Devotion, Health & Vitality, Presence, Kindness, Purpose, Playfulness, Contribution, Forgiveness and Connection.

The program helps you tap into some goodness for your soul with inspiring videos, fun sheets and activities and a 100% plant based meal plan. And of course an interview with yours truly on one of the 10 flavors in the company of some truly inspiring people.

I’m also participating in the program and I hope to see you around in the closed Facebook Taste of Happiness group.

Taste of Happiness is in English and starts on June 24th.

Meet Britt, the creative heart and smile behind Kitchen of Love

Rayna: What inspired you to create Taste of Happiness?

Britt: My genuine intrigue, interest & curiosity in people has led me to understand we all have something in common. We all desire happiness. In my pursuit to understand how we experience happiness, I learned that there are so many beautiful flavors and tastes for creating a recipe for joy. I also learned that most recipes and strategies for happiness are so simple but all too often, we forget how to apply this for ourselves, family, friends and acquaintances. So I thought how wonderful to create a wholistic lifestyle program where we can remind each other to explore the various tastes of happiness as a community, with a yummy plant-based menu-plan, health and vitality reminders, and daily inspiration to remember that happiness can be accessed in everything we do!

Rayna: Which is your favorite flavor of Taste of Happiness?

Britt: I love gratitude & grace.

Rayna: Why is food so important to you?

Britt: I have always been a foodie, you can say I was raised that way! I appreciate all types of cuisine and flavors from savory to sweet. I am most interested, however, in preparing & offering kind, plant-based (vegan) food cooked with love, devotion and gratitude to the Divine. I find cooking as ritual, so satisfying and tasty. I also find it very important to share that kind cooking is not only easy and delicious but also good for the soul, the body and the environment.

The Giveaway

I’m very excited that Britt and I teamed up and we’ll be giving away 2 places in the program to a lucky winner so she can enjoy the journey together with a friend. If the winner is also on the Reina Organics newsletter aka the Club at the time the Giveaway was announced to the Club, she will receive a €50 Reina Organics gift card too.

The giveaway start will be announced on the Reina Organics Instagram tomorrow (Monday, 19 June). That’s where all the fun will be happening so make sure to keep an eye on it.

xo Rayna

P.S. Can you guess which flavor I'm talking about?

Rayna van Aalst
Rayna van Aalst


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