Three things we love about 14e cosmetics

by Rayna van Aalst February 11, 2018

Three things we love about 14e cosmetics

Welcoming 14e cosmetics to Reina Organics is a pretty special moment for me.

I reached out to Emma, the founder of 14e cosmetics, for a very selfish reason, the same reason I started Reina Organics – I was looking for a quality product and what I could find here in the Netherlands and Europe was good but there was nothing that would sweep me off my feet.

Back then it was skincare, now - a new foundation.

In all honesty, I didn’t believe it was possible to find a natural foundation better than my all time favorite W3LL People Narcissist Foundation Stick.

And that was a huge problem for me - I had gotten used to the fact that I would have to order a foundation from the US for myself but I couldn’t put up with the idea of me not believing 100% in a brand we offer at Reina Organics.

Fortunately, I did reach out to Emma Fortini, the founder of 14e cosmetics, I tried her Aloe Nourish Foundation (and the sheer tint) and the rest is history.

Better yet, I have found my Holy Grail foundation (and setting powder!)

I am in love.

14e cosmetics is just as much skincare as it is makeup

Do you remember the advice to be careful which foundation you use because it might break you out? Well, forget it.

Remember the advice to avoid makeup and in particular powders as they would dry your skin out? Forget that one either.

Nowadays it’s not uncommon for a makeup line to incorporate skincare ingredients in the formulation.

And 14e cosmetics goes a step beyond. The founder of the line, Emma Fortini, is a professional makeup artist and she collaborates with an Ayurvedic molecular biologist with extensive experience in natural skincare.

That already is a promising start but when you throw in antioxidant rich argan oil, moisturizing jojoba oil, collagen and elasticity boosting acerola (vitamin C), rich in essential fatty acids kokum butter, gotu kola which heals broken tissue reducing the formation of scar tissue, licorice which helps reduce the appearance of age spots and hyper-pigmentation and first on the ingredient list anti-inflammatory aloe vera juice and gel, you have something truly special.

The result is products which not only make your skin look great but also take care of your skin. Both the Aloe Nourish Foundation and the Sheer Tint nourish and improve the skin in the areas of breakouts, early signs of aging, and to support moisture retention.

14e cosmetics surely does all the above. I feel it and I see on my skin.

In addition, the Aloe Nourish Foundation also provides SPF 23.

It's a line for both women and men

Everything about 14e cosmetics is unisex – scent, packaging, wording, etc. This is not a makeup brand which can be used by men too. It’s a brand for everyone.

I’ve been following 14e cosmetics from the very beginning. I even remember an image which Emma shared - her mother helping her with samples shortly after the launch of the brand.

Since then I have seen countless images on their Instagram feed with gorgeous models using 14e cosmetics or snaps from Emma’s work as a makeup artist where she has used her fabulous Aloe Nourish Foundation and Sheer tint.

I unintentionally smile every time I see a guy posing on the photo with a 14e cosmetics foundation on sheer tint in his hand. I'm smiling not because the guys are good looking (which they most definitely are!) but because those photos are not once-in-a-blue moon instances. They are regular posts.

I haven’t done an extensive research on the topic and my opinion is based solely on my casual observations of what natural makeup brands share on Instagram but I don’t recall another brand which openly posts about men using makeup, and definitely not in a way which makes me feel that it's just as normal as a woman wearing makeup.

Thumbs up for the great work in lifting the stigma around this subject.

The results are pro level

I feel like saying that this is the most important part as 14e cosmetics is a makeup line after all but since both the foundation and the sheer tint take such great care of my skin that I almost see it as a natural extension of my skincare, I’d say that performance is the part I was blown away by.

Not only have I found my new favorite foundation and setting powder but I am absolutely smitten by the results both deliver.

The coverage of the Aloe Nourish foundation is light to medium and it has a natural satin finish which leaves the skin with a subtle glow. It perfects, enhances and evens out my skin really well. On some days when I need to conceal an angry blemish, I would touch up with a little a bit more foundation only where the spot is.

The foundation applies super easily, doesn’t feel sticky and it stays where I’ve put it. My favourite way of applying it is by blending out one to one and a half pumps with my fingers and then finishing blending with a foundation brush.

I like to finish off by buffing the Aloe Nourish Prime + Set Powder on top.

I have used the Aloe Nourish Foundation and the Prime + Set Powder separately and I love what each of them does.

But combined these two are pure magic.

After a whole day with this power duo on my face, my skin looks in no way dull something which unfortunately even W3LL People was guilty of. Moreover there are no creases and the shine is minimal. I may occasionally need to retouch with the Aloe Nourish Prime + Set powder towards the end of the day but on most days, everything is top notch.

The thing which impresses me the most (yes, even more than the performance) is how light both the Aloe Nourish Foundation and the Prime + Set powder feel on the skin. It's only when I touch my face and I feel the satin feel of the Aloe Nourish Prime+ Set Powder that I remember I have makeup on.

And this is just the beginning

One of the reasons that I am so excited to have 14e cosmetics as a member of the Reina Organics family is that it’s a very young company, which also happens to be run by a woman. Emma still does pretty much everything within 14e cosmetics herself and I love the idea of supporting her growing 14e cosmetics to an worldwide known brand. Fingers crossed.

During our talk Emma mentioned that she has plans to expand the range with new products and I’m very excited to see these plans come to life.

In addition, she is also constantly adding new shades to both the foundation and the sheer tint range so if you feel like the current shade selection of the Aloe Nourish Foundation doesn’t offer a match for you, please leave a comment below or send us a message with the shade you currently use (it doesn’t have to be a natural brand) and we’ll make sure to pass the information on to Emma.

On a slightly different note, we currently offer only the Aloe Nourish Foundation and the Aloe Nourish Prime + Set Powder and I’d like to know whether you’re interested in the Sheer Tint from 14e cosmetics too. Let us know and if there’s enough interest, we’ll add them to our collection.

Rayna van Aalst
Rayna van Aalst


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