Will Meow Meow Tweet Shampoo Bar and I ever be friends?

by Rayna van Aalst August 05, 2018

Will Meow Meow Tweet Shampoo Bar and I ever be friends?

I remember two years ago when we were launching Meow Meow Tweet at Reina Organics, while going through their catalogue, I saw “beet shampoo bar” and that made me laugh. First, beer?! And second, a shampoo bar?! No way I’m washing my hair with that. On to the next product.

Fast forward to May-June this year when a lot of my green beauty friends started talking about shampoo bars and how positive their experiences were.

My reaction was still “Good for you but I am sticking to my shampoo BOTTLE!”. Of course much more politely.

Until somewhere towards the end of June I read about #PlasticFreeJuly. It seemed like a great opportunity for me to try a shampoo bar and use less plastic, even if that’s a shampoo bottle.

Unfortunately the postal services didn’t agree with my intentions and our order of Meow Meow Tweet shampoo bars arrived with a whooping four week delay, right on time for plastic-whatever August.

Plastic-free July or not I had promised to myself that I was going to use a shampoo bar for a month and I am going to respect my word.

After postponing for a week, this week I finally opened my Meow Meow Tweet Rosemary Avocado shampoo bar!

My first impression

Frankly speaking, the idea of using a shampoo bar instead of a bottle of shampoo was the biggest challenge.

As I’ve used the Meow Meow Tweet shampoo bar only once, I can testify it’s extremely easy to use, not to mention how lovely it lathers.

My hair felt clean and at day 2 it still looks very good.

I am also quite excited by the idea that you can use the shampoo bar for both hair and body which means I’ll be travelling a lot lighter.

The scent of the shampoo bar is fresh, some people describe it as delicious.

How to use a shampoo bar

It isn’t much different than the way you would use a regular shampoo bar. Rub it onto wet hair and then lather it up with your hands and rinse.

I really look forward to what the Meow Meow Tweet Shampoo bar would do for me in a month.

P.S. As I’m writing these words I am looking at the empty box of my Meow Meow Tweet shampoo bar and I realize that an important reason to use it hides inside it:

“This soap is vegan, fair trade, palm & cruelty free and crafted by hand”

Rayna van Aalst
Rayna van Aalst