I am beyond excited

to share the talented, innovative, eco chic brands that we have the honor of working with here at Reina Organics. Like myself, they care deeply about your skin transformation and how you feel in your own skin, rejoicing in smooth elegance and holding natural beauty close to their green, passionate hearts.

The brands I work with share the Reina Organics mission

These exceptional brands are truly unique, uncompromising and set a new standard with hand crafted exclusivity. I build a relationship with each brand individually, as I would develop a friendship, based on trust and a mutual ‘click’. We share the same philosophy to provide the finest, most desirable, luxury beauty products in the world.

The vision and mission of every single brand, gracefully complements that of Reina Organics to safeguard the consistent results that our clients are deservedly accustomed to. This is a labour of love, where I put my heart and soul into hand picking amazing brands that I can share with my equally amazing followers - so I am gushing with unbridled confidence.

The ingredients are impeccably sourced and unrefined

It’s not only how the ingredients are nurtured during cultivation, it’s also about what happens to the ingredients after they leave the loving hands of the organic producer. Unfortunately, there can be synthetic chemical processing involved before it reaches your beautiful skin and this is why Reina Organics ensures the chain, from seed to skin, is seamless and unfaltering. Every ingredient in the formula will benefit your skin. 

Simply ‘natural’ ingredients are no longer enough and that’s why Reina Organics is raising the bar to empower women to reach new limits in their beauty rituals. We’re talking about raw, bio-dynamic, wildcrafted, cruelty-free, 100% organic, unrefined ingredients that reach your home in the purest of forms so that your skin can bathe and dance in sublime extravagance. 

Craftsmanship by cutting edge artisans

We openly admire the skillful artisans who, understandably, adore their handcrafted creations. Lovingly tending to their products involves a precise and rich understanding of the cultivation process, a somewhat playful endeavour and a sincere craving to simply formulate the best products on the market.

These are ingenious artists that have a mission to fulfill and a heartfelt drive that is derived from making a bold and unparalleled impact on the beauty industry as we know it. They craft masterpieces aligned with nature from the purest of origins and continuously seek out new ways to exceed expectations in a sustainable and courageous fashion. The results speak for themselves.

Rayna together with Josh Rosebrook at A Night For Green Beauty

Rayna together with Rachel Winard, founder of Soapwalla (left) and Victoria Fantauzzi, co-founder of La Bella Figura (right)

Enjoy the creme de la creme and cause no harm

While you want to look fantastic and feel empowered, you are also attracted to making choices that uphold your values and world beliefs. By this, I mean making sustainable choices that protect natural resources so that your children and grandchildren can share in your beauty experiences for years to come.

The ingredients and production process of our brands, upholds a philosophy that we can achieve the most outstanding results while not adversely impacting the environment, animals or the world around us.

Most product are vegan. Animal testing is a 100% no-no.

By engaging with these products and using them in your day to day life, you are becoming a crucial link in beauty innovation, carrying a flawless glow while sticking to your principles. As you discover the brands at Reina Organics, prepare to be inspired by the superior results and the stories of these leading brands.

Quirky. Fun. Elegant. Honest. Playful. Luxurious. Conscious.

Our eco chic brands are all of the above and Reina Organics is the space where you can shop till your heart’s content with products that will blow your mind. These unequivocally special brands have been invited to many high-end luxury department stores but graciously declined as they do not share their values.

They are not easy to find and are steadfast in who they entrust to uphold their belief systems surrounding beauty. To sample their creations is to sample something exquisite, perhaps even life changing. I don’t use these words lightly but I can speak from experience that there’s only so much Chanel a girl can buy before you yearn for something different, and this is it. 

Superstars are using these brands because they have to look their best at all times and I’m not only talking about stars that are advocates for green beauty, I’m referring to celebrities that are in the spotlight that demand the best of the best. 

That is what I demand for you too and, luckily, Reina Organics is your secret treasure chest where you can uncover all of the products that your skin has been craving - so take a seat, grab a glass of wine and explore timeless beauty like never before.

xo Rayna

Founder of Reina Organics

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