Giving Back

Celebrate your beauty and transform children's lives, one blue package at a time.

With every product you purchase, you're also giving a child in need a chance to survive and thrive. Facing poverty, misery and suffering from early childhood, Rayna believes we all have the power to help. That's why, we will be donating a percentage from every Reina Organics order to Kindertehuizen Bulgarije Foundation.

Together, here’s how we are improving children’s lives:


Professional help such as physiotherapy and speech therapy are not easily accessible for children growing up in Bulgarian orphanages. The lack of love and concern for these children delay both their emotional and physical development. Without help, vulnerable children stay a lifetime in their isolation.

Kindertehuizen Bulgarije Foundation has several health care projects which help the children grow confident, sociable and independent and increase their chances for a better future.


Children growing up in orphanages are much more likely to miss out on regular education due to traumatic experiences or disabilities. Without an education, they can’t learn, play or develop, and they’re more likely to be trapped in cycles of prostitution or crime.

Kindertehuizen Bulgarije Foundation helps make sure children from social homes get an education by vocational training, computer literacy classes, mathematics and English. diplomas.


Kindertehuizen Bulgarije Foundation supports renovation projects which provide the most basic of basic facilities to the social homes: a roof which doesn't leak, a safe kitchen, sanitation, heating, new ceilings, windows, walls and floors. Wherever possible they replace basic furniture such as beds, mattresses and cabinets too.