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A collective of interviews with inspiring women (mostly) from different industries and with different backgrounds but they all have one thing in common - I've learned a lot from them on my own journey.

xo Rayna

latest episodes

Hail the Queen with Alexandra Franzen


with Alexandra Franzen

Alex and I talk about how to express yourself whether you’re communicating to one or one thousand people; simplicity; Alex's new book "So This is the End" and what would you do if you had one day left to live, and

Hail the Queen with Ynzo from Tony's Chocolonely


with Ynzo van Zanten from Tony's Chocolonely

Ynzo and I talk about the bitter “taste” of chocolate, what it means to be crazy about chocolate and serious about people, the issues on the way to making chocolate slave-free and much more

Hail the Queen with Jairek Robbins


with Jairek Robbins

Jairek and I talk about what being an artisan brand means, work-life balance, what wellness truly is about, upcoming new product launches and a lot more

welcome to the hail the queen podcast

I am beyond excited to share this dream coming true with you!

Yes, I do mean "coming". It's happening. It's not over yet.

Both this podcast and Reina Organics are about women empowerment and helping women feel comfortable in their skin. 

A collective of interviews with inspiring women, Hail the Queen podcast is also a very personal journey.

Will you join me?

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xo Rayna

founder of Reina Organics