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Hi, I’m Rayna! I'm the founder of Reina Organics

Even though Reina Organics’ products have been featured countless times in the press and are favorites of many Dutch celebrities, my green journey was far from covered with rose petals.

One rainy afternoon in the autumn of 2013 I went to pick up my daughter from the daycare. At that time, she was one-and-a-half years old. Her diaper needed to be changed and while she was lying on the changing table, we were goofing around, making funny faces and laughing. My eyes fell on a small blue jar, next to the pile of diapers, and its label read “100% PURE PETROLEUM JELLY”. The words echoed in my head. The brand is well-known here in the Netherlands and anywhere in the world, as a matter of fact. A cheap medicine chest and beauty staple women all over the world swear by. It was also on the list I got from my mid-wife with things we needed to have at home when I was expecting.

I was sincerely and utterly confused. Was petroleum not what they used to make the fuel for my car? How come I never saw those words before?

I got home and I started reading. It was terrifying - SLS, silicones, PEG, parabens, fragrances and the list of things I don’t want anywhere near my family goes on. Calling what I felt back then simply “fear” is a massive understatement. I swept my house clean of any cosmetics or personal care products which involved any of those ingredients. My bathroom looked as if we had just moved in and we hadn’t unpacked yet. Only there were no boxes to be opened. Everything was in the garbage bin.

Throwing everything away was easy, finding natural alternatives wasn’t.

At that time the offer of natural products in the Netherlands was far from exciting and the predominant notion about natural beauty was not flattering. Simply mentioning natural products made people feel uncomfortable. If I only got a euro every time I was asked “but do these products really work?”, I probably would have had enough money to renovate all orphanages in my home country.

Much to my disappointment, almost none of the amazing green superstar brands I had read about were available here in the Netherlands at that time and I had to order them from abroad, mainly from the United States. But girl, was the wait worth it.

Just like that blue jar changed my approach to ingredients and beauty, my first green order from overseas changed my entire world. There was no longer fear of ingredients in my heart, only pure love. Oh yes, also the desire to take selfies and to show the entire world how amazing my skin looked. That was a completely new experience for me.

My first experience with eco chic beauty gave me a whole new perspective to green beauty. It shifted my focus from nasties lurking in jars and obsession with "all-natural" products to a much more relaxed approach which allowed me to enjoy every moment of my journey. 

With my new focus on quality and brand philosophy, I discovered even more beauty and met some of the most inspirational people in the beauty industry.

I'm thrilled to share my findings with you and I hope you fall in love with them just like I did.

xo Rayna
Founder of Reina Organics